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Wm. Chrisman Choir


Alumni from William Chrisman HS often speak of a rich, impressive choral tradition.  A tradition which has included tremendous performances at contests, recordings, trips to impressive destinations and appearances at the Missouri Music Educators’ Conference.

We at Wm. Chrisman are on a mission to restore this rich heritage.   The choirs of 2007-08 defined the work ethic so the choirs of 2008 - 09 could reap the fruits of their labors.  The choirs of 2008 - 09 have raised the bar and shown that re-establishing the tradition is within our reach.  The choirs of 2009-10 did not “clear the bar”, yet performed admirably in concert.  The choirs of 2010-2011 accepted the challenge and got us back on track.  2011-12 was a year for terrific individual accomplishments but fell short of large ensemble goals.  To get the ensembles back to a stature of excellence will require hard work and leadership from within the ensembles.  Like 2011-12, individual and small ensemble accomplishments were made during the 2012-2013 and 2013-2014 school years; but our large ensemble goals continued to fall short of expectations.  The 2015-16 school year produced two exemplary performances by large ensembles at state contest, two students being reognized as All-Staters, and success at the solo and small ensemble contests.  The work ethic is back, and level of enthusiasm is sky high.  Lets take full advantage of every opportunity.

Make Every Moment Count!